Eurostyle T8 Dual Channel Dashcam

Eurostyle T8 Support

To prolong the operating lifespan of the SD card, we recommend that you format your SD card with the PC/Mac viewer, or using your mobile app, once every 4-6 weeks.

Eurostyle T8 Mobile App

  • The app “LogonT” can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or Android Google Play markets into your personal mobile device
  • Search for the SSID wifi name as indicated on your T8 device; use the Wifi to connect the T8 to your mobile device.
  • Default login password is ‘12345678′. You can change the password in the LogonT mobile app setting.
  • Using the “LogonT” app on your mobile device, you can view live video feed or save the video files. The downloaded files will be found in a directory named “LogonT” on your mobile phone (for Android phones).
  • You can also alter settings such as mute/un-mute voice recording, brightness, set voltage limiter or time, impact sensitivity, etc. using the “LogonT” app on your mobile phone.
  • For the “Driving Mode Impact” and “Parking Mode Event” sensitivity range:– (1 = most sensitive; 10 = least sensitive)

Eurostyle T8 PC Viewer

  • You can also watch T8 video clips on your home computers.
  • Download this customised App into your MS-Windows desktop or notebook computer by clicking the link for T8 Viewer below.
  • If you are unable to run the installer, please click “More Info”, followed by “Run Anyway”.  After clicking the “Finish” button, please flip your computer screen to another dialog box downloading the “Audio Decoder”. Click “Yes” and complete this step.
  • This PC-Viewer app is now installed, and is found on your computer desktop screen.  This app can only be installed on MS-Windows computers.  It is NOT compatible for ALL handphones and Apple computers

How to update firmware

  • Download the T8 Firmware into your MS-Windows PC. UN-ZIP and extract the new firmware file into your personal computer.
  • In your T8 device in the vehicle, please format the microSD card – by using the format button (just below the microSD slot). Long Press on that button until you hear “SD Card is formatting” voice. When formatting is completed, a message “Format completed” voice will prompt.
  • Now, remove the microSD card very carefully (watch out, it is HOT !) and return to your computer to copy the individual Firmware file (not the Folder) downloaded earlier into the formatted SD card.
  • Then, reinsert the microSD card back into the T8 device. Start engine to power up T8 device.
  •  The LEDs on the T8 will blink simultaneously for about 2 minutes, indicating updating in progress. When process is complete, the T8 device will operate normally.