Qvia QR790 Dual Channel Dashcam

Qvia QR790 Support

To prolong the operating lifespan of the SD card, we recommend that you format your SD card with the PC/Mac viewer, or using your mobile app, once every 4-6 weeks.

The app “Qvia” can be downloaded from the iOS App Store or “Lukas Eye” can be downloaded from the Android Google Play into your personal mobile device, and can be used as indicated below:
• Search for the SSID wifi name; use the Wifi to connect the QR790 to your mobile device.
• Default login password is ‘11111111′. You can change the password in the Qvia/Lukas Eye mobile app setting.
• If you have forgotten your password, remove SD card and use the PC Viewer in your computer. Go to the settings and you can find the Wifi password.
• Using the “Qvia/Lukas Eye” app on your mobile device, you can view live video feed or save the video files. The downloaded files will be found in a directory named “QR790” on your mobile phone (for Android phones).
• You can also alter settings such as mute/un-mute voice recording, brightness, set voltage limiter or time, impact sensitivity, etc. using the “Qvia/Lukas Eye” app on your mobile phone.

• Steps to update the firmware:

  1. Power OFF the DVR.
  2. Remove the SD card from the DVR.
  3. Insert SD card in your PC.
  4. Format the SD card on your PC.
  5. After formatting is completed, drag and drop the fimware onto the formatted SD card.
  6. Eject and remove the SD card from PC.
  7. Insert the SD card back into the DVR.
  8. Power ON the DVR.
  9. Listen to voice prompt “Processing complete” and “Drive Safely, Recording Started…” to signify firmware update is successful and completed.