Eurostyle Automatic Power Tailgate

Our Automatic Power Tailgate System allows your trunk to be opened and closed automatically with the following features:


Self-Opening Trunk

There are three ways to activate the system – a button on the driver’s side dashboard, a tailgate button on the trunk lid of the car and kick-activated system (Optional, with the Kick-Activated Sensor).


Customizable Auto Tailgate Height

A special design allowing users to pull and configure the trunk lid to open to a reachable height.


Safety Features

A beep will be heard when the tailgate is closing or opening. While the tailgate is opening, it will stop automatically obstacles are detected. While the tailgate is closing, it will “bounce up” automatically when obstacles are detected.


Smart Electric Suction

An electric lock is included in the system. When the trunk lid closes and touches the electric lock, the electric suction activates, locking the trunk lid slowly and softly, avoiding a hard closing.


*Our Automatic Power Tailgate Systems are available for select car models. Please enquire for more information regarding compatibility.

Here are some examples of our Auto Tailgate: