Eurostyle JS400 Dual Channel Dashcam

Eurostyle JS400 Support

To prolong the operating lifespan of the SD card, we recommend that you format your SD card with the PC once every 4-6 weeks.

Eurostyle JS400 PC Viewer

  • Download the customised App into your MS-Windows desktop or notebook computer by clicking the link below.
  • If you are unable to run the installer, please click “More Info”, followed by “Run Anyway”. After clicking the “Finish” button, please flip your computer screen to another dialog box downloading the “Audio Decoder”. Click “Yes” and complete this step.
  • This PC-Viewer app is now installed, and is found on your computer desktop screen. This app can only be installed on MS-Windows computers. It is NOT compatible for ALL handphones and Apple computers. For these devices, download and install generic media player applications, such as “VLC Media Player”.

How to update firmware

  • Download the “UPGRADE” zipped folder into your MS-Windows PC. UN-ZIP the folder.
  • Remove microSD card from DVR Blackbox and format the card in the LogON_PC_Viewer application (click the ‘gear wheel’ Settings button at the bottom left corner). Format the card; then press “INITIALIZE” and “SAVE” the microSD card. Exit and Close application completely.
  • Go to your Windows PC File Explorer and copy the unzipped “UPGRADE” folder that was just downloaded, into your microSD card. Insert the microSD card back into the JS400 recorder DVR Blackbox.