Eurostyle T8 Dual Channel Dashcam

Eurostyle T8

Wireless Features
Our new Eurostyle T8 is an innovative DVR featuring the latest wireless technology. You can quickly and easily access to all your video clips using your mobile device such as an iOS or Android phone. It also works for most tablet devices. Besides viewing live video feed, you may also download and save those most important clips into your mobile devices anytime.

Full High Definition Recording
The new T8 Wireless DVR offers you recording in Full High Definition (1920×1080) for the front camera and the rear camera. This creates a smooth, sharp video that can be easily accessed for reviewing of evidence. With dual channels, the T8 ensures that you will be able to capture videos of the front and rear of your car at the same time.

High Heat Threshold
With very high thresholds for heat (up to 70°C), rest assured in the T8’s ability to withstand Singapore’s hot weather.