Bringing the airline experience to your vehicle

Eurostyle In-Car Entertainment System

Eurostyle In-Car Entertainment System

Bringing the airline experience into your car.

The Eurostyle In-Car Entertainment System produces easy “on-demand” entertainment for watching movies, listening to music, enjoying photos, reading e-books, and more – all done wirelessly – with no telco data charges at all!

Our accessories benefit customers in many ways. However, their primary benefit is simple – to bring joy into your driving experience. With this entertainment system however, the purpose is different – to bring joy into your passengers’ experience. And what better way to enjoy a car ride than having the state-of-the-art wireless streaming of video and music contents to personal mobile phones and tablets ?

Just like the way you travel in an airline, each of your passengers can enjoy their very individual multi-media entertainment sensation at their finger tips – for Video-on-Demand, Music-on-Demand, Books-on-Demand, Photos-on-Demand and Internet-on-Demand (optional).

Whether you own a small saloon car, an MPV, SUV, or even a Passenger Van, why not add on this fun and entertaining product to benefit your passengers, by letting them enjoy hours of video and music entertainment pleasure in first class comfort, while on a long journey up north or while stuck our own traffic jams ? Traveling in a vehicle will never be the same again!

Our product comes with a wireless media server and 2 automotive Android tablets. You can also surf the web, participate in chat games and share your mobile data, by adding on an optional 3G/4G dongle (sold separately). We welcome you to find out more of our Wireless In-Car Entertainment System.