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Leather Upholstery

We know leather. It’s a timeless symbol of class, luxury and style. That’s why we pride ourselves on the enduring excellence of our leather seats. With the level of detail we obsess over, you can be sure that what you’ll be getting in your car is nothing but quality.

Vehicle Accessories

A car is more than a vehicle – it’s an extension of yourself. Commuting around should be something you enjoy. EuroStyle’s many in-car accessories exist for the enjoyment of yourself and your passengers. All of this with an uncompromising view to driver safety.

Other Services

We don’t just sell products. We sell experiences. Aside from providing accessories to enhance your driving pleasure, we preserve your car’s interior as well. We dedicate our expertise to this for one reason – to ensure that your driving experience is nothing short of perfection.



Pictures speak a thousand words. Videos, even more so. In this gallery, we demonstrate the high quality of our vehicle accessories, and allow you to view their functions and features in a few video clips.



Wear and tear affects us all.  This includes the accessories in your vehicle. That’s where we come in. Our support corner contains all necessary information regarding our products. Need further assistance? Drop us a note. We’re here to help.


Why EuroStyle?

Anyone can sell accessories. Most people can do a DIY installation. But not everyone can do so by integrating it so seamlessly into the car. We’re more than a distributor. We understand that what we install in your car must improve your driving experience, while not detracting from the aesthetic appeal of your car. To do so, we install all our products in your car seamlessly – no stray wires, no cables running across your dashboard. It’ll look so natural, you’d swear it came with the car.


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